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NBAA: A Master Class in all things Business Aviation

One of the largest and most important events of the aviation calendar – the National Business Aviation Association’s annual exhibition and conference – gets under way shortly in sunny Orlando, Florida. For many, it’s a master class in all things related to business aviation and a rich source of information and learning on the industry.

Scott McElvaine, Senior Director, PW800 Marketing & Customer Service, responsible for the PW800 program at P&WC, says of all the aviation shows he attends every year, this one is likely the most anticipated because of the excitement and anticipation it generates.

“It has an audience that’s focused on business aviation with nearly 27,000 professionals in attendance, hundreds of trade media from around the world, more than 1,100 exhibitors and virtually every senior executive in the industry,” says Scott. 

He says the NBAA brings together a critical mass of customers in one location, making it easier for P&WC to share its future plans and priorities.

“The flip side is that we also use the event to sound out customers on what their current needs are,” Scott says. “So in that sense, it’s a prime opportunity to glean strategic insights from customers.” To formalize the process, P&WC is staging several focus group sessions with a number of operators.

Additionally, during the course of the NBAA conference, Scott and a handful of his colleagues will attend virtually hundreds of meetings with airframe OEMS, fleet owners and operators, maintenance organizations and individual pilots.

On display at the P&WC booth will be PW800 and PT6A engines. “During the show, compelling new pay per hour engine maintenance programs will be on offer for both engines,” says Scott, “offering exclusive premium solutions tailored to operators’ specific needs to provide unbeatable investment protection.”

If you are at the show and want more information, look for Scott can usually be found at the P&WC booth -- #3239.